Customer satisfaction is the most important concept..

Marin native,  B.A., Humboldt State, I’ve worked for many Marin small businesses…Windows Certified since 1998, currently Microsoft Small Business Server Certified and also working on Windows 2008/2012 Foundation Server, SBS 2011/2012 versions,  SharePoint customizations, virtualization, Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, basic websites, “organic” SEO, SugarSync and other “Cloud” solutions …Mozilla and OpenOffice, Google Docs and Spreadsheets, Zoho, other Microsoft alternatives…Mac support for desktops, laptops, and networks since 1992..Smartphone support since 2004..Tablet support from 2010..

Learn enough in 2 hours to help with most computer/tech problems for 2 years. Make your network, computers, and technology use more EFFICIENT and LESS FRUSTRATING!

Competitive rates, free estimates. Flat rates and by-the-job pricing available. Within budget or below budget if possible! Referral rewards. Frequent/repeat customers always get better rates! Hourly rates are priced as fairly as possible, with a minimum of download time/process time included…actually usually it’s a type of “by-the job” pricing; sometimes that may require taking the computer back to the central workspace..many/most jobs are 1 to 2 hours..please call for an estimate.

Phone support minimum-$25, based on $65/hour. Remote Support minimum-$35, based on $75/hour. Home user on site Support minimum-$45 minimum for on site support, based on $85/hour, exceptions for very local instances.

On site small business Network Support minimum-$50, based on $95/hour, $50 minimum for on site support, exceptions for very local instances.

On site Server-based Network Support minimum-$105, based on $105/hour. Tutoring/Training minimum-$40, based on $65/hour. Discounts for multiple-repeat customers, seniors, non-profits, and the unemployed are available, as are “pre-pay” or maintenance/support contracts and subscriptions. On site minimums are flexible if a service call is already scheduled in a nearby area and include diagnostics and cleanup routines. Monday through Friday, most Saturdays and Sundays by appointment..$35 per-job fee for Sunday on site services, $25 on site fee for Saturdays and off hours.

“Fixed or free”, but avoid unnecessary fixes!